Done a fitness shoot with the incredible Yanga Lusasa. It took a while to finish the editing but I’m extremely proud of what we managed to achieve. For those interested in what it takes to create most of these fitness photos I’ve made a video giving you a quick overview.  

There is but no words to describe this truly magnificent magic that nature produces. During red tide, this bioluminescent phytoplankton showed up along our coastline, more spectacular and visible in some bays than other, so you had to be at the right spot. I first became aware of this when people from Port Elizabeth’s photography Read more ..

I try to refrain from shoot genres that I deem “boring”, one of them being maternity, however after being requested by a friend to do such a shoot for a family member I realised I need to change my perception. Despite the shooting conditions being utterly challenging, strong sunlight and high winds, I took to Read more ..

This was a long Saturday, we started early the morning and only finished up late afternoon. The fun factor by far exceeded the challenge of having to shoot 13 different models.

A year ago I met this peculiar ginger, Anja Swart, on another photographer’s photoshoot, just another local Port Elizabeth girl I thought. Man was my assumption shattered into a million glittering glass pieces the moment this little dynamite package began to sing. Needless to say how privileged I was when this fabulous musician picked me Read more ..

I met Sian during the rehearsal shoot for Anja’s Pink Tribute show and couldn’t help but notice the level of perfection and dedication this lady puts into her dance routines. Opportunistic as I am I approached her during break time for a play session. The initial couple of shots on the stoep was good but Read more ..

In preparation for Friday night’s Pink Tribute show with Anja Swart I popped in at the rehearsal to gather a couple of behind the scenes shots. Even at first glance I noticed the spectacular intensity of the dance routines. Anja and Sian, the lead dancer and choreographer, showed off with a little power balance that Read more ..

This is where my passion lies, I’ll let the photo do the talking