Just a quicky… For a long time I’ve envied Mac users being able to use Sketch and as we all know, there is no Windows version available or even on the Roadmap. Now I’ve tried a few commercial alternatives on trial basis and a few free  alternatives.  While each of them had great tools and capabilities, they were not purpose built to design web layouts which leads to a slow and sometimes challenging workflow.

So the other day I bumped into an article mentioning Lunacy by Icons8. Lunacy is a project to bring the ability to view, edit, create  and export layout designs, this includes the ability to work on Sketch files, to the Windows platform.

I’ve tried this out and am quite impressed, but it’s not just me, if you read through the comments on ProductHunt even the Mac users want this ported for Osx/Ios. Although this app is still in beta with a few quirks, I can only see it growing to set a new standard once it’s in stable development.