Light Painting Photography

So when a bride-to-be specifies she does not want traditional wedding photos under any circumstances the mind goes off in all directions on how to add some unique twists. With the bride having a bright and bubbly personality I immediately thought of light painting photography as the way to go.

I had a brilliant idea on how create a very very unique lighting effect when framing the bride and groom but Port Elizabeth being to motor industry driven didn’t have the electronic gadgets I was looking for. As they say never fear when plan B is near, so it was off to town to browse through novelty shops. Many hours later after often been assumed insane when asking for “strange” things I manage to take home three different gems waiting to be tested.


First Gem: Battery operated LED lights

Every day is indeed a festive day with these LED’s as they proved the most diverse for light painting photography. You get them in different varieties of colours and length when some of them can flicker and some not. During the experiment I first created the blue pumpkin (or orb) using a set of blue lights and painting the stripes in the air. Camera settings was ISO 400, f4.0 and a 25 second exposure.

Second Gem: Green Laser Pointer with attachments

We’ve all seen the red laser pointers used in various environments and although they have a great reach the path of the red light is only visible on the point of contact. What makes the green laser fantastic is that, unlike the red laser lights, the path is visible from the point of origin up to the point of contact. If you don’t understand what this means just imagine a Jedi light sabre from Star Wars.

These laser pens usually have various diffraction filters you can attach to the front to create specific light patterns, this is where these make it possible to create interesting effects for your light painting photography.

Third Gem: Fibre Optic Lights

The cluster of lights these create makes for great paint streaks to use as overlays. Which makes light painting photography not only valuable for creating interesting photos but also to build up stock photos to enhance your post processing.


Video Tutorial:

Painting with light is a slightly advanced photography technique but once mastered provides endless creative possibilities. Here’s a video tutorial on the basics you need to start of with light painting photography.