A year ago I met this peculiar ginger, Anja Swart, on another photographer’s photoshoot, just another local Port Elizabeth girl I thought. Man was my assumption shattered into a million glittering glass pieces the moment this little dynamite package began to sing. Needless to say how privileged I was when this fabulous musician picked me as her photographer of choice. The night before the show I popped in to get a couple of rehearsal shots  and just knew this was going to be a show of note.

A picture speaks a thousand words, yet it is deaf. You had to be there to belief it. Anja’s husky voice swayed people from the very first second and the electrifying stage personality provided tons of enjoyment and laughter. The first part of the show kicked off with energetic song and mesmerising choreography, orchestrated by Sian Hitchner, while the second half beginning in soothing soulful acoustic duets with Hugo Kleinhans ended with a spectacular flame dance. The crowd couldn’t resist the festive vibe and it didn’t take long for them to join in and dance in front of the stage and crying out for an encore to keep the party going.


Even though low light and fast actions are challenging to photography it proved very fruitful and we managed to get a great variety of shots to tell the story with myself focusing on wide angle photos and Marc Sing Key on close-ups.

  • Musician: Anja Swart
  • Guitarist and support musician: Hugo Kleinhans
  • Choreographer: Sian-Beth Hitchner
  • Dancers: Emily Bradley, Sian-Beth Hitchner and Valerie le Roux

On a personal note I’d like to thank Anja and the whole crew for the privilege of working with such great artists and Marc for his excellent contribution to the photography.