This blogpost serves as a simple tool that I’m using to plan and track changes for the rebuild

To-Do (Descending)

Create custom post types (links & resources, tutorials, recipes, product reviews)

Style blog masonry page

Style single page layout for blog

Add portolio samples on main page

Publish portfolio projects to Portfolio

Create Porfolio section on frontend

Create projects of previous work for portfolio

Create Project categories

Create Colour Scheme document with sample colour,hex and rgba values as reference to ensure consistency throughout the site.

Add screenshots and dates for visual representation of the rebuild progress.

Fix 2nd hero header column background colour for responsive layouts.

Create first blog post

Create masonry blog page

Restyle CTA button on main hero header

Create vector image of left and right brain for parallex background

Create 2nd hero header > 2 column layout for left and right brain skill sets

Custom animation for Hero header on main page

Create images for hero header

Create main page

Create icon for child theme

Create child theme

Install Divi Theme

Install & configure WordPress

Blog Updates 2017-04-04

  • Temporary layout for blog just to break away from the dull looking default.
  • Add additional blog post regarding project layout development done during weekend
  • Custom CSS stylesheets for CSS effects
  • Custom CSS stylesheets for color schemes.
  • Update Child Theme functions and styles