Author: Theuns Coetzee

Project Layouts for Divi Builder

When the geek inside takes over…. things happen. My web development is not always as fast as others, but there’s a reason for that. The use of cookie cutter websites, working from and sticking to predefined templates, sure makes development and design fast and easy, the downside however is that your presence has no unique identity, the one site looks like the other. Now when I take on a project, to me, it’s like meeting a person, it’s always personal. Like people having different personalities and attributes so does sites and similarly as I see untapped potential, so do...

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Shooting a live music show

A year ago I met this peculiar ginger, Anja Swart, on another photographer’s photoshoot, just another local Port Elizabeth girl I thought. Man was my assumption shattered into a million glittering glass pieces the moment this little dynamite package began to sing. Needless to say how privileged I was when this fabulous musician picked me as her photographer of choice. The night before the show I popped in to get a couple of rehearsal shots  and just knew this was going to be a show of note. A picture speaks a thousand words, yet it is deaf. You had...

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The Blue Pumpkin – Light Painting Photography

Light Painting Photography So when a bride-to-be specifies she does not want traditional wedding photos under any circumstances the mind goes off in all directions on how to add some unique twists. With the bride having a bright and bubbly personality I immediately thought of light painting photography as the way to go. I had a brilliant idea on how create a very very unique lighting effect when framing the bride and groom but Port Elizabeth being to motor industry driven didn’t have the electronic gadgets I was looking for. As they say never fear when plan B is...

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Alien Ocean – Blue glowing bioluminescent phytoplankton

There is but no words to describe this truly magnificent magic that nature produces. During red tide, this bioluminescent phytoplankton showed up along our coastline, more spectacular and visible in some bays than other, so you had to be at the right spot. I first became aware of this when people from Port Elizabeth’s photography club started posting their shots of the “glowing ocean” on the club’s Facebook page and realised I cannot miss this opportunity. So very ambitiously I set of at 3 AM in the morning, knowing it will be a 25-minute drive that would leave me...

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Photography Site

My previous photography focused website is now here